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Why should you board with us?

Boarding Details……

(Please contact us to make an appointment to visit)

  • We work with each pet to accommodate their personal needs and provide a comfortable social environment for them to have fun and play while they board with us.   Your pet will NOT be confined to a crate their entire stay and they will not be leash walked.  Your pet will have a large yard to run and play with other dogs, and enjoy the sun when the weather allows.  


*If your pet is not able to socialize with others we will provide them with ample leg stretching and play time on their own.  We will not just take your dog for a leash walk and put them back in their crate.    

  • Your pet is provided their own crate (size dependent on needs of pet) with water, toys, blanket, and a treat.  This provides them with a safe place to rest and be protected during storms. 

  • There is ALWAYS someone on the property with the dogs.  They are never left alone!  We have cameras in every room to monitor crate time.  

  • ***We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a sound stable environment for your dogs.  It is sometimes still loud in our dog areas with visitors present but not nearly as loud as cement walled facilities.

    *If you have ever visited large boarding facilities during peak times you will notice the loud, ear piercing decibels of the dogs barking.  This causes pets a lot of stress and can cause damage to their hearing ability over time.


    Photo Gallery

    *We are in the middle of renovating currently.  We will post updated videos and pictures soon!

Required Vaccinations

  1. Rabies

  2. DHPP-  Distemper, Parvo, Para-influenza, Hepatitis (Leptospirosis is not required)

  3. Bordatella

    *Vaccinations must be administered seven days prior to the first day of your boarding reservation.  This makes sure your pet has some kind of immunity and does not have any allergic reactions to the vaccinations in our care.

    Puppies–  ALL dogs who board with us have to be fully vaccinated!  Puppies have to have atleast three boosters, rabies, and bordatella at least seven days prior to the first day of their boarding reservation.

What to bring when boarding…..

  • Vaccination records unless already confirmed or emailed.

  • Food, treats, medication

  • You can bring a bed, blankets, and toys if you would like but we can’t promise they won’t get destroyed during your pet’s visit.

    *We have plenty of bowls, blankets, beds, and toys so none of that is required but you are more than welcome to bring whatever you would like to help your pet be more comfortable during their visit.