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Question explanations……..

Why do we ask the questions we do on our adoption application?


  1. Type of home you live in?

    1. Some pets are not meant for apartments or town homes.

  1. Does your home have a fenced in yard?

    1. Some pets have to have a fence.

  1. How long have you lived at this address?

    1. This tells us if you move a lot

  1. What would you do with the pet if you moved?

    1. This lets us know what your plan is for the animal if you move.

  1. Why do we ask for property owner/landlord information?

    1. We contact landlords to be sure the breed and size of pet you are adopting is allowed where you live.

  1. Why do we ask if you are employed?

    1. We want to make sure that you have some kind of financial means to care for your new pet.

  1. If you are over the age of 18?

    1. If an applicant is under the age of 18 we like to talk to their parent or guardian to be sure it is ok for them to bring a pet into their home.

  1. Why do we ask about current pets?

    1. We want to know what kind of friends your new pet will have.

    2. Some dogs do not get along well with others. We want to be sure the rescue dog you are adopting will fit well into your home.

  1. How many hours a day will the pet be left alone and where?

    1. This is for the foster parent to help guide the adopter to where the pet is most comfortable. Our #1 responsibility is to be sure that your new pet is as comfortable as possible in your home.

  1. How much money you expect to spend monthly on your new pet?

    1. We want to be sure that all adopters are aware of the level of responsibility they are taking on with their new pet.

  1. Why do we ask for references?

    1. We want to talk to your friends and family and hear about how awesome our adopters are.

  1. Why do we check legal IDs?

    1. We want to verify that you are who you say you are and that you live where you say you do.

We just want to get to know you and be sure that our rescue pet will fit well into their new home.  We also want to be sure to give you the best experience possible adopting our pets.

*If you are uncomfortable providing any of the information required on the application we thank you for your time and desire to rescue a pet but we will not adopt to someone that is not willing to let us get to know them for our pet’s safety.

If you have any questions please contact us.