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*This is where to find out about ways you can help us and groups we volunteer with.


Volunteering is very important to both the groups that you help and the animals or humans that are being helped by these amazing groups.  Sometimes it is as easy as making items to donate to these groups or donating your time and helping these groups reach their goals.  On this page we will list places that we know of that you can help.  Please try your hardest to volunteer at least once a year and experience the feelings of personal success in giving to others, both humans and animals.


Stillwater, OK

At Turning Point Ranch volunteers can sign up to feed and care for horses during the morning or night feedings, prepare the horses for training sessions with kids and participate in the sessions, or volunteer at events being held at Turning Point Ranch or other locations near by.

Please click on the Turning Point Ranch logo to visit their page on our website for more information.  We greatly enjoyed our volunteer time @TPR when we live in Stillwater.  We will definitely be returning as travel allows.

Sharing Tree-  Oklahoma City, OK

There are many volunteer opportunities at Sharing Tree.  They need volunteers for different events they offer year round.  Sometimes they need volunteers to help with family registration, stocking, data entry, and shopping.

Click on the Sharing Tree logo to visit their page on our website with more details.  We greatly enjoyed helping with Christmas registration 2017.  Sharing tree helps many people when they are most in need.