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The Future of Shannon Farmz

Life is Changing for Shannon Farmz

but the future is looking bright!!!

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Update (10-11-16):  We are very comfortable in Stillwater now and still exploring the city.  Kingston didn’t get accepted to Pete’s Pet Posse but that won’t keep us down.  Farm lady is volunteering at Turning Point Ranch Therapeutic Riding Center twice a week, we are once again fostering for Red Dirt Boxer Rescue, commuting to the city on the weekends to help out at the clinic and rescue events, and Farm lady is keeping her nose in the books at Oklahoma State.  Not having to commute everyday to class gives farm lady much more time to stay focused on school and it shows in her good grades.  She will be putting in for Vet School in 2017 to start classes in 2018 if accepted.  She is still planning on doing a “Life of a Vet Student” blog when the times comes.  We are enjoying Stillwater a lot and look forward to a bright future!

Update (8-24-16):  Shannon Farmz is now in Stillwater.  We no longer have the capability to foster animals for rescues but we are still doing what we can technologically and we have plenty of time to volunteer for local organizations in Stillwarer.  Keep an eye on our website and blogs for updates on what’s going on with Shannon Farmz.  Farm lady has joined the Pre Vet Club at OSU and we will be volunteering for many of their events and affiliations.  She is also applying to enroll Kingston in Pete’s Pet Posse as a therapy dog.  We are so excited to have the ability to be involved in more things since we moved to Stillwater.  Stay tuned…….


Shannon Farmz is hoping to move to Stillwater with the farm lady to go to college.  We have a location that we are looking at July 17th to rent but need your support.  The landlord will let us have all of the farmz dogs, the horse, and the donkey with a hefty deposit but no added monthly fees for the animals.  We are super lucky to find this rental property and a wonderful landlord.  We don’t want to miss this opportunity.  Time is of the essence making the deposit of at least $1000 not including the first month’s rent for the move in deposit.  We would like to take one of our current fosters, Twitch, who is a forever foster if we can earn your support with funds for her deposit fee.  She will live out her last senior years with the Shannon Farmz pack.  In order for us to continue what we do we need your help.  This initial deposit is going to make or break this relocation and your continued support will allow us to better care for our fur friends while the farm lady focuses on college.

Farm lady has 3 classes left until she can apply for Vet school next year.  We want to move to Stillwater so farm lady can focus on school and not having to drive the 2.5 hour commute round trip.  Once she graduates from school we will be able to help more dogs and more rescues with the health of animals in need.  Helping us along the way will help the current animals we have now plus hundreds and possibly thousands of animals in our future.

We thank you for reading our story and future plans.  Please share our story and possibly contribute to our cause.  Every dollar counts and is greatly appreciated!!!  To contribute click the paypal link below.  All money goes straight into farm ladies account for property deposit and animal care.  Please send us an email with your address so we can be sure so send cards, amanda@shannonfarmz.com.  Thank you so much for following us and considering contributing!!!

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