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Spay/Neuter Page

Why do we charge more for dogs that are not spayed/neutered?

We want your pet to be in the safest most enjoyable environment when they board with us. We do not want them to have to worry about other dogs attacking them or being mean to them in any way. We also don’t want dogs who are not spayed/neutered to feel like they have to compete with others while boarding with us. Every dog deserves a safe comfortable place to play and rest while staying at Shannon Farmz.

We take extra time and care with dogs who are not spayed/neutered to make sure they get the exercise and playtime they need while baording with us. They will not be openly socialized with other boarders during their stay. We may allow them to play with one or more of the farm dogs but that is up to the discretion of the farm owner and handler. We charge a fee because we have to be able to afford additional handlers. We do not want to take time away from our social groups by having to use their handler to give unsterilized dogs personal play time because it is possibly unsafe for them to play with others. It’s just not fair. We also have to deal with extra cleaning from the marking of unneutered males at times. We do the best we can in making sure everyone is happy and comfortable at all times. If you have any questions about our services feel free to give us a call. If you would like information on finding a clinic to aid in sterilization of your pet we can help there too. Just let us know, we are here for you and your pet.

Reasons Unsterilized Dogs Cannot be Socialized……..

1- Dogs who are not spayed/neutered ACT DIFFERENTLY around other dogs! They tend to be more dominant or try to establish dominance with other dogs. Both males and females can exhibit this behavior.

2- It is unsafe for both the dogs and the handlers to mix unsterilized pets with any pets. They will fight, there will be injuries to both the dogs and the handlers, and we will not allow that to happen at our farm. Your pets safety is our #1 priority.

3- When female dogs go into season or heat they ACT DIFFERENTLY!!! They will be more interested in the males, they will bleed from their vulva for at least 14 days, emitt a smell for the enitre duration of the cycle of 28 days, and that will change the normal intereaction between every male dog that is in an area the female has been or in close proximity to the female in season/heat.

*If your female dog goes into heat during its baording reservation it will be quarentined from all other dogs from the onset of syptoms to the day they go home. They will be leash walked in an area outide of our dog yards and a daily charge of $25 dollars will be added to your total.

Why $25/day for female dogs in season/heat? Your dog will be bleeding and driving the boys nuts! We will have to take the time to leash walk your dog and be sure they get the exercise they need. We will also be keeping your dog clean with fresh bedding and/or diapers as needed. We will also be dealing with the differences in the male dogs that are staying with us at the same time as your female. There is a lot of work that goes into our normal day and having a dog that is in season/heat on the property changes everyone’s daily routine.