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PetLink Microchips

PetLink has protected our pets for over 7 years now.  They are cost effective and offer a great service.

Why we love Petlink:
  • Petlink contacts you regularly, usually at least twice a year by email, to be sure your pet’s information is up to date and current.
  • The microchips are very slim and easy to inject.
  • If you add a pet to your family later you can always add additional pets to your petlink account.
  • Petlink offers different merchandise, such as collars and tags, to additionally aid to your pet’s safe return home.
  • With Petlink you have an account listing all pets with petlink microchips.  It is easy to access your account and change information as needed with a move or update pictures of your pet.
  • With the microchip you receive a petlink card to keep in your wallet if desired with your pet’s chip ID and a small tag to attach to your pet’s collar that makes it easily known your pet is micro chipped.
  • $25.00–  This microchip protects your pet for life and allows you to update your information for as long as your pet is alive.  This is the service we have and we absolutely love it.  We have had no issues and our chips still read clear after 7 years of insertion.