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Livestock Page

Livestock currently for sale:

*We have 10 roosters that we would like to rehome.  They are a mix of full Red Rhode Islands and one Cinnamon Queen mix rooster.  Some are fully grown, some still growing.

Contact us for details on price and transport.



Other Livestock @ShannonFarmz:

List of Shannon Farmz permanent Livestock:

  • Ben- Tennessee Walking Horse
  • Oscar- Burro/Donkey
  • Gizzy Goat- Our very first goat (Nigerian/Pygmy)
  • White Goat- Gizzy’s chosen sister (Full Pygmy)
  • Giz”Mo” Goat- The mean stinky buck (Nigerian/Pygmy)
  • Pepper Goat- Our second fully bottle fed goat (Nigerian/Pygmy from Gizzy)
  • Chickens……about 30
  • Ducks…….16
  • Duke- Male Great Pyrenees
  • Kai-  Female Great Pyrenees
  • Highway/Tripod- Female Great Pyrenees

*We have livestock come in and out with rescue cases or baby goats born. The number of chickens and ducks fluctuate with sale and nature.