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Foster and Rehab Cases

This duckling’s legs will not fold under him correctly.  We are doing water therapy to get them in the right position allowing the duck to move normally.  Hopefully as he grows his legs will go to their natural position.  *Update:  The duckling has been returned to his flock after a few months in a dog kennel and is back to normal.






Highway is a 5 month old Great Pyrenees puppy that was hit by a car.  Thankfully she was brought to a clinic where her leg was fixed and she is rehabilitating at Shannon Farmz very well.  She will be ready for adoption very soon.  *Update:  Shannon Farmz adopted Highway and her leg is 100% healed.  She does a good job of guarding the goats!









Meet Ellie and Aldo.  They are 3 week old puppies who don’t have a momma to care for them.  We are bottle feeding them and introducing them to soft soaked kibble while they grow like weeds.  They will be returned to their owner when they are on a regular feeding schedule.  *Update:  Ellie and Aldo were returned to their owner.









This litter of Chiweenie puppies lost their mother after birth.  We were tagged in a post on facebook and contacted their owner because we had a mother who was nursing her own pups after a c-section that could help these puppies too.  They are currently 5 weeks old and developing well.  They will be ready for forever home soon.  We are so glad we could give these babies a chance in the world.