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About Boarding

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This is one of the things we do best

We work with each pet individually when they first arrive to get to know them personally.
Do they like big dog friends, little dog friends, puppies, boys, girls, certain toys, water? 
These are some of the questions we ask ourselves about your dog.  
If there are things they don’t like we make sure we don’t let those things happen!
Our ending goal is for your pet to be happy and have lots of fun, however they need that goal met, during their visit with us.  

The Shannon Farmz Dream

A few things we’re great at


We spend as much time as we can offering our time and assitance when we can.  We have listed some of the places that we have volunteered.  

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:
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Such an awesome experience. We came over to look at a potential adoption. Amanda was the sweetest, she was accommodating, and knew quite a bit about the pup we were looking at. I would most definitely recommend Shannon Farmz. You can tell their love and passion for animals is strong!

Jennifer Damron Hawthorne

Dog/Foster Mom

I love leaving my dogs with Amanda because they get to run around the house and play just like they do at home. She takes great care of them, and I can relax with one less worry, knowing they are in good hands. She is reasonably priced, and I get videos and updates periodically. If the dogs are there for a few days, she throws in nail clipping and a bath!

Myrna McBride

Dog Boarding Mom

Our dog is old and has special needs. This doesn’t matter as Amanda loves our pet as much as we do. She cares for him and makes sure he feel at home. His nails are always trimmed and he is always bathed when we pick him up. Prices are great. I dont know what I would do without them!!! Thanks Shannon Farms!!

Iona Blackburn

Dog Boarding Mom

Our Team

We put a lot of time into our fosters, boarders, and personal pets.  We greatly appreciate the people that put their heart into each and every animal personally.

Amanda Shannon

Owner/Pet Caretaker

Amanda has a lot of experience with the temperment and social cues of dogs.  She works with each dog personally and works them into social groups that make each pet as comfortable as possible.  She has a background in Veterinary medicine as a kennel and surgery technician as well as a lot of experience with rescue dog rehabilitation.  She strives to aid the community with knowledge on spaying/neutering pets in order to help with the constantly growing number of strays and unwanted pets.   Amanda has three boxers, a boston/boxer mix, and one pittbull of her own.

Cory Sutliff

Owner/Farm Caretaker

Cory is an amazing caretaker, aiding in the care of all animals on the farm as well as daily farm maintenance. He is an avid pittbull rescue supporter, #EducateDon’tHate, and helps Amanda with all aspects of the baording and rescue at ShannonFarmz.  He has a pittbull mix female and Great Pyrenees female of his own.