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COPY OF Boarding Responsibilities Form

As part of our commitment to ensure your pet has the best experience possible, the following vaccinations are required by Shannon Farmz at least seven days prior to your reserved boarding date:
  • DHPLP  (or DHPP)
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella
The health and welfare of your pet is top priority during their stay at Shannon Farmz.  If your pet injures itself while boarding we will take every effort to resolve the issue with in-house medical care.  If your pet needs to be taken to a Veterinary clinic we will contact you immediately.
If your Veterinary office cannot be reached during after-hours we will take your pet to one of our emergency vet clinics.  There will be at least a  $100 emergency vet fee for the after hours visit in addition to normal vet fees.
I am aware that if any illness is procured during our visit at Shannon Farmz they will do their best to aid our pet with in-house care but is not responsible for any Veterinary expenses.
By signing this form you understand and agree to all of the above terms of care while boarding at Shannon Farmz.

*This is a copy of the form that will be provided to you to sign when you drop your pet off for boarding.