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Boarding Responsibilities Form

Boarding Responsibilities Form

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As part of our commitment to ensure your pet has the best experience possible, vaccinations are required by Shannon Farmz at least seven days prior to your reserved boarding date.  Vaccinations records ( have / have not ) been provided to Shannon Farmz.

The health and welfare of your pet is top priority during their stay at Shannon Farmz.  If your pet injures itself while boarding we will take every effort to resolve the issue with in-house medical care.  If your pet needs to be taken to a Veterinary office we will contact you immediately.  If your Veterinary office cannot be reached during after-hours we will take your pet to Neel Veterinary Hospital where there is no addition emergency fee on top of the office visit fee.

I am aware that if any illness is procured during our visit at Shannon Farmz they will do their best to aid our pet with in house care and is not responsible for any Veterinary expenses if further action must be taken.

If the owner of the pet boarding with Shannon Farmz has not provided evidence or proof of up to date vaccinations on their pet, Shannon Farmz will not be held responsible for any Veterinary expenses or issues found in the boarding pet, house mates, or other animals after their stay at Shannon Farmz.  Vaccination records can be emailed to Amanda @shannonfarmz.com

Pets left with Shannon Farmz for more than two weeks with no contact from the owner, or previous arrangements made, will be put into our adoption program and placed in a home.

By signing below you understand and agree to all above terms of care and social media permissions while boarding at Shannon Farmz.


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