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Boarding and Service Fees

Boarding Fees:

Small & Medium Dogs:  (Oz.-39 lb.)=  $18.00 per day
Large Dogs:  (40-99 lb.)=  $28.00 per day
Extra Large Dogs:  (100 lb.+)=  $38.00 per day

*We have very limited space for Xtra Large.  Please reserve ahead.

***For each additional pet added you get $5.00 off of another pet boarding at the same time.  (IE-boarding 2 small dogs: First Pet=$18.00 per day, Second Pet=$13.00 per day)  (IE-boarding 3 large dogs:  First Pet= $28.00, Second Pet= $23.00, Third Pet= $23.00)
*Fees are subject to change.


$10.00 minimum, 0.75 for every mile over 20.

*All following mileage estimates are from Shannon Farmz to Petsmart in the city listed.  Actual mileage will be estimated to the pet owner before pick up and price added to boarding total.

Midwest City (20miles) = $10.00
Shawnee (20miles) = $10.00
Moore (30miles) = $17.50
Edmond (38miles) = $23.50
Norman (38miles) = $23.50
Yukon (41miles) = $25.75

*We have a family van to transport social animals to and from our facility, appointments, and events.  If an animal is not social we will provide a crate or acceptable travel accommodations to this animal for everyone’s safety.  

Please contact us directly for transport arrangements.
*Fees are subject to change.

Service Fees:

Micro Chipping:  Lifetime- $25.00
House feeding:  $2.00 per day per dog

*House dog food=  Purina One adult Kibble Turkey & Venison (specific to the dog’s size)

Bath:  $15.00

*Boarders staying more than 5 days receive a complementary bath and nail trim.

Nail Trim:  $5.00  
Nail Dremeling:  $5.00
Nail Trim w/ Dremel:  $8.00
Ear cleaning:  $8.00
*Fees are subject to change.