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About Us

It all started with the dream of a little girl who loved animals.  She wanted to make every animal happy and give them a good home where they could play all day……..

The little girl had cats, rabbits, hamsters, and dogs throughout her childhood as pets.  She finally graduated from high school and started working at an amazing dog boarding facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia and adopted her first rescue boxer in 2001.  She continued her love for animals throughout the years from being employed at high end horse show barns and dog grooming facilities to volunteering for personal horse care at personal farms and dog rescue groups.

Amanda's first rescued boxer

Angel, Amanda’s first rescued boxer

In 2007 this girl with a dream, now 22 years of age, met the man of her dreams who allowed her to follow her dreams even more.  Adopting more dogs on her journey and beginning her college career in Virginia she was on her way to achieving her dream.

Angel, Rocky, and Snickers.

Angel, Rocky, and Snickers.

In 2013 she graduated with an Associates of Science Degree from a local community college in Virginia.  She transferred to a larger college in Virginia and realized the degree she was seeking was not going to help her achieve her dream.  Amazingly everything fell into place and the couple fell in love with Oklahoma while looking at various colleges throughout the country.  They found the perfect house and the perfect University for her to finish her college career.

Perfect Farm House

Perfect Farm House

In 2014-2020  that little girl continued her dream of animal care by working as a technician at a local Oklahoma Veterinary Clinic; working on completing a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in  business management; Fostering dogs for Red Dirt Boxer Rescue, Forgotten Treasures Animal Rescue, and other organizations in need of volunteers; boarding dogs for locals; and beginning the plans of building her dream pet resort and rescue.

The farm currently houses one Perceron/Quarter horse cross  named Fonzie, one burro named Oscar, and varying numbers of Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf goats, chickens, ducks, cats, and dogs.  We strive to give our animals the best care possible and want to give as many animals as we can the same treatment.

Shannon Farmz is planning to build a pet resort for dogs to board in a FUN environment that they will look forward to visiting and enjoy their time there while their parents enjoy some time away.  We are also going to have a separate facility at the same location strictly for rescues in order to continue giving comfortable living environments to animals who are in less fortunate situations.  We are not sure when or where the final location will be opened but stay tuned and we will grow together!!!

Adopt, Don't shop

Adopt, Don’t shop