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Busy Busy week into a busier weekend…….

Busy Busy week into a busier weekend…….

Shannon Farmz took on 4 new fosters this week.  3 Boxers for Red Dirt Boxer Rescue and one Mastiff puppy for Forgotten Treasures Animal Rescue.  It’s hard to say no when they are in such dire need.

  • Twin Boxer brothers, Spiro and Marley are wild 2 year olds that need a good home where they can learn some manners.  They are great dogs and really strive to please.  Pics and more ingo to come.
  • One of the Boxers we got this week, Bowser, is an amazing dog and sadly heartworm positive.  He was adopted today at our Shawnee event but will be staying in out foster care until we are sure he isn’t too far along with heartworms.  We began his treatment tonight.  Prayers for Bowser.  Pictures and update to come.
  • The sweet 7 week old Mastiff puppy we got is just amazing.  She is wonderful in her crate, uses her pee pad, and plays with the big dogs.  She is already over 10# so she is going to be a big beautiful dog when she grows up.  You will love her eyes.  Stay tuned for pics.

Stay tuned for updated pictures and stories on foster dogs.  We currently have 13 dogs on the farm including the farm dogs and fosters.  We love being able to help but we are reaching out max capacity with more dogs in need.  Praying for a miracle.

Adopt, Don't shop

Adopt, Don’t shop

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