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Amazing Red Dirt Boxer Rescue Event Today!!!!

Amazing Red Dirt Boxer Rescue Event Today!!!!

Our sweet foster girl Roxy went to her forever home today with a wonderful boxer brother Chester.  She will be missed.  We had lots of fun at the event today talking with lots of folks.  We look forward to our next event at the Shawnee Petsmart to do it again.     Roxy 1



We got two new fosters at the farm today.  Gus and Ginger are two sweet dogs.  Gus is a boxer and Ginger is a Red heeler mix.  Both are great with other fosters and the farm dogs.  Keep an eye on available dogs to see their status.

Gus Ginger

Be sure to check out the baby goat video posted tonight.  They are growing fast.  They will be outside on their own in no time.  I love bouncy baby goats!  We hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  We are looking forward to the warmer weather next weekend.

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