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The Dog Room Gallery

The Dog Room

This is our boarding room where we do our best to make your pet comfortable during their stay at Shannon Farmz.
  We can put two small dogs in one large/medium crate or two medium/large dogs in the extra large crate.  Whatever makes your dog(s) most comfortable.  The dog room is constantly changing as needed by boarders.


The 7 dogs pictured above are current Shannon Farmz dogs.  Some, if not all, will be playmates with your pets.  All of the farm dogs enjoy the dog room and new visitors to play with.

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The dog room is also our farm ladies craft room and office so they are very seldom in the room alone.  If everyone gets along we are all just out lounging around the house.


The Play Yard

Boarders and farm dogs love to play in the large fenced in front yard.  Sometimes we break out the kiddie pool and the sprinkler for the pups to play in.

Farm lady always has her cup of coffee first thing in the morning and watches the sun rise with plenty of company.

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